Why choose us?

Our delicious gourmet meals are prepared fresh by our qualified chefs, sourcing local ingredients. We only use free range chicken and grass fed beef meat. We pride ourselves on creating meals from scratch, using local farm fresh ingredients and choose organic where possible. Our meals are 100% fresh and are delivered ready to consume – not frozen. All of our meals are completely gluten free with no nasty artificial additives or preservatives. Our meals are designed on the basis of Australian Dietary Guidelines serving the required portion for both males and females. Our goal is to educate people to learn correct portion sizes per serving and make individuals aware that eating healthy can also be tasty. Our meals are created in a way that allows you to receive all the nutrients required to aid your long term health and fitness goal. Our meals will have necessary protein, good carbohydrates and fibre to keep you fuller for longer and energised. Every meal will provide the nutrients to help you strip fat and gain lean muscle. Eating clean, tasty and healthy has never been so easy.

Do your meals have any preservatives and/or additives?

No, our meals are 100 % preservatives and additives free.

Are your meals halal certified?

Yes, they are 100% halal certified.

Are your meals fresh or frozen?

Our meals are made fresh and delivered fresh.

How long can I store your meals for?

You can store the meal in your fridge for up to 3 days of collection, however if meals are not consumed within 3 days we recommend placing meals in the freezer to avoid spoiling. Freezing meals will preserve all the nutrients and freshness. Thawed meals should be consumed within 24 hours. Defrosted meals should not be frozen again. Our specially designed packaging will always keep your meals fresh and tasty whether eaten fresh or after freezing.

What day and time do you deliver?

Our delivery day is Sunday and the delivery time varies based on each area. Deliveries can occur anytime between TIME-FRAME 6AM-2PM SUNDAY. Anything outside of NSW will be delivered on monday from 8am-5pm.

What if I am not home while delivering the food?

Macrofoodz boxes are fitted with ice gel packs that will keep your meals cool and fresh for 6 to 8 hours (depending on weather conditions). When ordering, please provide a location or a safe drop location such as your garage or your neighbour’s address where our delivery drivers can leave your meal without the risk of theft.

When is the order cut off?

Our order cut off is every Thursday evening at 11:59 pm. Any orders placed after that time will be delivered the following week.

Do you guys sponsor athletes or trainers?

Please contact us for more information regarding sponsorship.